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home equity loan rates

home equity loan rates vary by lender.  If you're a new borrower, you can usually get special deal home equity loan rates .  But if you're an existing borrower, you might have to switch lender to get the best home equity loan rates !

home equity loan rates can be found by studying lenders web sites, or going to consolidation sites. Consolidation sites track all kinds of personal finance in addition to home equity loan rates - credit card deals, car loans etc.

Start by looking at home equity loan rates on consolidator sites.  Then go to individual lenders sites.  Maybe call a broker and get some info from them ?

Home equity loan rates may vary depending on how much you want to borrow.  Home equity loan rates can vary with time  i.e. as a new borrower you might get a special two year deal, after which you revert back to the lenders standard home equity loan rate

Sometimes, there's an extended penalty if you're offered good home equity loan rates i.e. the lender will fine you a % of the loan if you make an early switch

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home equity loan rates

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New Loan Allows Homeowners to Reset Interest Rates ; Washington Mutual's Mortgage Plus Lets People Switch Between ... (Builder Online)
Washington Mutual Inc. has begun offering a new mortgage and home equity line of credit bundled into a single loan that allows customers to reset interest rates or switch between fixed and adjustable rates up to twice a year without having to refinance.

home equity loan rates